Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma cuts Internet links

My comments: This is one reason governments don't want wireless systems in place such as WiMax and satellite as it becomes nearly impossible to control information flow.

Oslo (dpa) - Burma disappeared from the entire Internet on Friday as more street confrontations were under way in Rangoon, the Oslo-based opposition radio station Democratic Voice of Burma said.

The state telecommunications company claimed there was a break in an underwater cable, according to reports.

Meanwhile, protesters were reported to have gathered near the Sule pagoda in Yangon, defying a ban issued by the army.

The move to cut Internet connections appeared to be aimed at preventing reports including photos and video footage from ongoing confrontations between protesters and the military from reaching the outside world, the station's news editor Moe Aye said in a telephone interview.

In Rangoon on Friday, the army blocked the main roads to the City Hall and were patrolling the downtown area by foot and in trucks.

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