Saturday, January 12, 2008

Contemporary global financial system will reach a breaking phase in the course of 2008.

GEAB N°20 is available! LEAP/E2020 Alert: Breaking phase ahead for the global financial system in 2008

The rapid aggravation of the global systemic crisis as its phase of impact unfolds [1] has brought our researchers to estimate that the contemporary global financial system will reach a breaking phase in the course of 2008.

Crisis follow-up indicators now show that we should no longer only fear the failure of some large financial institution (and of many small ones) in the US first and the in the rest of the world (cf. GEAB N°19), but that the global financial system itself is structurally hit.

The network of global central banks’ repeated incapacity to control the « credit crunch » when the two historical pillars of the contemporary global financial system (a US economy in recession and a US dollar in decay), reflects the growing surge of centrifugal forces within this very system.

Indeed it is no more a matter of competence or of magnitude of the corrective actions implemented by central bankers. These times are over since summer 2007 and, according to LEAP/E2020, we are now witnessing an increasing divergence in economic interests among the different components of the global financial system.

The expected failure of the Fed’s most recent attempt to coordinate a joint action of the main central banks in order to feed the banks in US dollars [2] , is particularly revealing. This action meant to restore confidence in the financial system by two means:


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