Thursday, September 25, 2008


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• UPDATE, 26th September 2008:

It is quite obvious from the justifiably angry responses of ordinary Americans interviewed for TV shows 'as we speak' that the wheels have come off the 'Paulson'-Bernanke Bravado Circus Wagon.
No-one is 'buying' the criminalist operatives' attempt to bamboozle the Congress into divvying up the on-the-books bribery and platform trading money they are seeking so that they can revert to corrupt hypothecation 'dirty financial business as usual' when this disastrous Administration leaves office (assuming it is not afforded the opportunity to implement its now floundering 'coup d'etat by installments' scenario both financially and physically).

Republican legislators are contemplating annihilation at the polls and personal political oblivion if they vote for whatever package emerges, which will most certainly NOT be what the two criminalist operatives thought they could extract from the Legislative Branch by bluster and stutter. Their plan is in tatters and their duplicity has now impressed itself where it matters: on Main Street. This is the END of the road for these crooks, and they know it. 'Paulson's' blackmail ('back us or be wiped out at the election: be our guest') went down like a huge lead balloon, as these veteran Congressmen, whatever their faults, are both individually and collectively NOT STUPID.

They may be compromised, but none of them are sitting on their brains. Everyone knows that the highest-level criminalist operatives are on the wrack. There are even those who are now prepared to accept that this crisis, which has driven Americans from their jobs and homes, with their sons dying in wars launched for ruthless private gain, is about one thing only: OPEN-ENDED OFFICIAL FRAUDULENT FINANCE OPERATIONS. The 'subprime mortgage crisis' was a 'slide' [see below].

As soon as this factor is understood by the general public, as seems likely, there will be h*** to pay. Applications for a Permit-to-Carry arms have increased enormously in recent weeks and months, with correspondents emailing the Editor with observations such as:

'Everyone I've talked to affirms they will die with their guns at their hands. We'll fight! These people have overestimated themselves and underestimated us "useless eaters"'.

Our view remains that what is about to change is that THE RULE OF LAW will be re-established and that these criminal operatives will NOT get away with their crimes. Certain information, backed by extremely sensitive 'smoking gun' data, has been in the hands of the appropriate authorities for about a week, that proves inter alia that these crooks have engaged in war profiteering on a scale with no historical precedent, which explains why Bush was never in the slightest interested in the dead bodies that were and are being buried in Arlington Cemetery, which ran out of space to take the daily new arrivals. These people are brought up to INFLICT PAIN WITHOUT FLINCHING.

The intelligence in question is embargoed but it is believed that if matters are not resolved, there will be an avalanche of revelations the like of which has never been seen, even in the geomasonic United States where, every year since the Editor started multiple visits in 1977, there is ALWAYS a huge scandal raging inside the Beltway. The clear intention is that with an imminent change of US Administration (just as happens whenever the European Commission changes) the dirty washing left by the outgoing Government will be incinerated. But we are not talking just about dirty linen. We are talking about enormous, multiple crimes, thefts, embezzlements and two million dead.

The Men and Women on Main Street are saying: 'What do you mean, you want these dictatorial powers and you want us to pay you because 'Wall Street got drunk?'', as Bush II told the American people on 24th September. 'YOU have been in power all these years, what exactly have you been doing?'. The answer to that question is that these highest-level criminals haven't been GOVERNING. They've been looking after their criminal investments and spending all day and every day wriggling and playing for time while drowning in the sewage from their own cess pool.

The people have finally seen through the criminal duplicity of these odious creeps, and the bipartisan accord sent to the White House at about 3.00pm on 25th, followed by the White House Meeting from which Shelby emerged saying 'There is no agreement', makes it clear that the Bunker mentality rules. When Pelosi and Reid took 'Paulson' aside (on camera) afterwards, what did they say to him? Something along the lines of 'which lamp post do you fancy?' springs to mind.

The key to the new phase of this historically unprecedented crisis is that the American people have at last experienced the necessary 'Aha!' moment. It's curtains for these crooks. The curtain at the end of Act One starring the full cast of characters, has collapsed on top of the cast. The lights have gone out and there is a danger of a serious fire.

The building may have to be evacuated, but the management is drunk in charge, so everyone is stampeding for the exit. The safety officers have been asleep for years and now there's no-one around to give any coherent orders. How are the mighty fallen!

And still no mention of the $14 trillion held at Citibank?

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