Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get them while they are young-Europe's ID programs for students

This Week's Feature :

Poland wants smart card IDs for students
The eventual goal is interoperability, but issuing the card and adding functionality is first

In the past 18 months, two companies have issued more than one million dual-interface smart card IDs to students of 450 universities, colleges and high schools. Interoperability of the applications between the different institutions hasn’t happened yet but it may be on the horizon. Read More …

Latest News :

Episode 20: Efforts underway to standardize campus identity cards across Europe

Eugene McKenna, Waterford Institute of Technology, spoke with re:ID podcast host Chris Corum about the efforts underway to develop standards for campus card programs across Europe. The European Union is currently considering a proposal to provide funding for the project, which is being called the European Education Connectivity Solution. Other topics include the differences and similarities between campus identity programs in the U.S. and Europe as well as the vendor landscape for the European market. Listen Online …

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