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Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report

Thu Sep 4, 4:40 PM ET

A private jet that crash-landed almost one year ago in eastern Mexico carrying 3.3 tons of cocaine had previously been used for CIA "rendition" flights, a newspaper report said here Thursday, citing documents from the United States and the European Parliament.

The plane was carrying Colombian drugs for the fugitive leader of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman, when it crash-landed in the Yucatan peninsula on September 24, El Universal reported.

The daily said it had obtained documents from the United States and the European Parliament which "show that that plane flew several times to Guantanamo, Cuba, presumably to transfer terrorism suspects."

It said the European Parliament was investigating the private Grumman Gulfstream II, registered by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, for suspected use in CIA "rendition" flights in which prisoners are covertly transferred to a third country or US-run detention centers.

It also said the US Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) logbook registered that the plane had traveled between US territory and the US military base in Guantanamo.

It said the FAA registered its last owner as Clyde O'Connor in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Extraordinary rendition has been harshly criticized since it began in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.


'The jet Chapo'utilizó the CIA .- The Grumman Gulfstream II private jet registered N987SA, which crashed in Tixkokob near-Merida-with nearly four tons of cocaine from El Chapo Guzman, also operated as part of clandestine flights The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in which he moved to suspected terrorists in Guantanamo, Cuba, and illegal detention centres, documents show U.S. and the European Parliament, a copy of which has THE UNIVERSAL.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, for its acronym in Spanish) declined to comment on whether the jet had been used in any covert operation, or on its relationship with flights surrender of the CIA.

The jet that crashed N987SA the early hours of Monday, September 24, 2007 and was completely destroyed, was discharged in the United States officially until February 20, 2008, citing as reason for the cancellation of the registration that the aircraft was privately "Exported" to Mexico, and shows the February 20, 2010 as the date for cleansing, said the report from the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States (FAA, for its acronym in English), according to documents.

The same September 24, 2007 the Attorney General of the Republic noted in its bulletin DPE/3977/07, "according to part information, the military tracked the early hours of this Monday in the Rancho San Francisco, the plane plummeted Gulfstream II N987SA enrolment rate. "

The private jet appears on the flight records of the FAA in the United States and the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, known as Euro Control, as part of the investigation of the European Parliament on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA in the transport and illegal detention of prisoners ", which resulted in two reports from 2005 and 2006.

The records indicate the routes of private jet N987SA between November 17, 2001 and September 18, 2007, including tuition, date, departure airport, airport arrival, departure time, arrival time, type of aircraft, country Output and country to which they arrived.

Euro Control report cites 15 flights jet tuition N987SA, between December 2002 to April 2004, between the United States-Canada-UK-Ireland-Unite d Kingdom and Canada.

En algunos casos desde aeropuertos internacionales, siendo las 8:06 de la mañana la salida más temprana y las 22:55 la llegada más tarde. In some cases from international airports, with 8:06 in the morning the earliest departure and arrival 22:55 later.

But information also shows the FAA flights between 10 and October 20, 2002 with a tour of United States-Ireland-Italy-Canada-Un ited States.

Until this moment there is no information whatsoever that the United States has transported detainees from Guantanamo to their territory, but neither has specified on the transport of interrogators.

From 16 to July 20, 2003 the route is U.S.-Canada-UK-Ireland-UK-Cana da-United States.

From 7 to April 12, 2004 underlines the tour of New York-Canada-UK-Canada-United States, where he played three destinations: New York, Oxford and Washington DC, from where it flies to Guantanamo and that appears to identify " MUGM. "

Based on information from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICA, for its acronym in English), "MUGM" refers to the U.S. Navel Air Base, or "navel of the airbase United States" in Guantanamo, Cuba.

On January 21, 2005 again leaves Washington and returns to Guantanamo. No information on passengers carried by 12 seat jet on flights.

En registros de la FAA no aparecen los vuelos del jet N987SA del 18 al 24 de septiembre de 2007, día este último cuando se estrella. In the FAA records do not appear N987SA jet flights from 18 to September 24, 2007, the day when the latter star.

Documents found the FAA as one of the last owners to Donna Blue Aircraft Company, whose address in Florida proved to be an empty office.

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