Monday, October 27, 2008

Will the next mortgage reset Tsunami usher in regional Super States?

This is one of the key data sets that we feel one must look at to understand what is coming.

The earthquake has occurred far out at sea, and the ocean is rushing out.  Like here in Thailandwith the Tsunami on Boxer's Day in 2004, the ocean’s reversal, like the diminishing 2008-2009 mortgage resets, are a warning that a far larger, even more toxic wave will slam the unaware as they head back to the beach.

The ocean’s pullback hides the fact that a second, far larger earthquake has happened (2010-2011 resets), and when this second wave does come, followed shortly thereafter by an even sharper wave, what will be left to destroy?

We are seeing the daily ‘consolidation’ of industries and a quickening of the socialization of entire sectors of western economies but with the quickening collapse of entire nations such asIceland, one can only wonder what will happen next.

We think here that this inevitable ‘consolidation’ will lead to new economic and political ‘super states’.  Some such as Gordon Brownand Nicolas Sarkozy might refer to it as a ‘New World Order’.  

We don’t know who owns the paper of the next tsunami that is obviously coming but it most probably doesn’t really matter anymore as those institutions won't even exist any longer……

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