Friday, January 9, 2009

Comex warehouse gold tough to get

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary
Deliveries out of Comex warehouse - the plot thickens.
It has been reported to that the Comex is trying to argue people out of taking delivery of gold from the warehouse.
Tomorrow I am going to check my records to see who is the auditor for the warehouse.
You know on 9/11 all that gold was smashed in the cellar vaults when the Twin Towers came down.
I assume there was no damage to even one bar, nor was even one bar pocketed in the process of backhoe removal of debris.
Wasn’t all the floors of the collapsed Twin Towers about 6 inches thick when it was all over?
Maybe the Comex warehouse holds one very large and ugly bar of gold accounting for 75% of the ounces.
"In today’s world anything is possible." Quote from Bernie Madoff.
I love the following writer:
“We have made at least 15 calls and they are now asking WHY I want delivery.
They say it will cost a lot of money to sell it back to them. Ha!
Because I am from MTS they think I fell off a turnip truck.
–CIGA Hslm P."

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