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The Ophiuchus Constellation and the Lost Book of Nostradmus

Astrology - Celestial Rotations in Time - All Cycles Come Full Circle

Tarot - Hourglass (Our Class in Time)

The final chapter has now been written and moves through the grids of time...

84 Water Color Images and Text ... 
Were they written by the hand of Nostradamus or another ...
to be found in the alchemy of time?

Dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" ...

Close the Book... the Story Complete.

Open the Window of Time.

The old tree (of life) moves into the new...
The energies pass from the Masculine (Physical Emotional Reality)
to the Feminine (Spirit, Light, Higher Frequency, Creation).

The Final Two Images

Plate 81

The Old Tree 'Taken' Down (End of Male Consciousness)

Plate 82

Rebirth in the Feminine (The Final Watercolor Image)

Plate 44

Feminine Energies Passing Through Physical Time

New York City - Nostradamus' New City ... 500 Year Later ...

Previously on Ellie's World Interview in Manhattan

After the show: My daughter Nikki, who works in media, sends us this message: The "Lost Book of Nostradamus" - which aired October 28, 2007 - was a major success scoring the highest rating for cable of the evening - a 2.3 share, far more than anyone anticipated.

In all, the two-hour History Channel Special the "Lost Book of Nostradamus" was well done and gave viewers something to think about. As a featured speaker, I met the nicest people and found the experience to be not only synchronistic but an important component of my work here. I would love to post all 80 images for your review, but that is not allowed. You will find many of my favorites below.

Did Nostradamus draw the images and/or write the text? From the beginning I told the producers that neither Nostradamus, nor his son Cesar, had created the images, though I feel Nostradamus was connected to their creation, perhaps as inspiration. I see a woman's hand connected to the manuscript in some way as if she reaches out through time to bring it here.

Does any of it matter, as they were destined to be found in this timeline along with a review of his quatrains with greater understanding of their metaphoric content and a link to the Knights Templar, who are now exonerated by the church a hidden manuscript being revealed. Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. All is about time and timing brought forth for the experiencer by the storyteller.

Nostradamus was a seerer who brought to the world his visions of the future, personal and universal symbology and interpretations. These are archetypical patterns that follow the history of humanity.

The Quatrains are loosely documented patterns that fit the time frame you are experiencing. Patterns explain reality. The patterns are timeless and repeat in cycles which stem from the collective unconscious, or grid program of our reality. Patterns are geosynchronous, meaning they remain stationary as your consciousness moves through them, creating synchronicities of experience. Nostradamus wrote that his quatrains would not be fully understood for 500 years after they were written. He was correct.

To understand the quatrains and the manuscript you must remember that reality is myth, math and metaphor in the alchemy of time and creation. Nostradamus was an alchemist, doctor, astrologer, seer and after 500 years remains the foremost prophet of all time.

Plate 60


Nostradamus links to the Fleur de Lis a stylized design of an iris flower. 
The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis 
Iris takes us to Eye Symbology.

Plate 52

Humanity slowly coming full circle and moving into the heart 
Hopi Prophecy - Turtle Island

The Flower of Life is linked to

Plate 77: The Tree of Life and the Sacred Flame

13=4=time and closure - the 4 rotating fan blade effect - the swastika, etc. Nostradmus worked with all 13 constellations when making astrological predictions which takes us to Ophiuchus (pronounced off-ee-YOO-cuss) - the 'Serpent Holder' - who is represented as a man with a snake coiled around his waist. He holds the head of the snake in his left hand and its tail in his right hand. This again takes us to the universal archetype of snake/serpent/reptilian signifying DNA and the human biogenetic experiment out of the Middle East, replete with extraterrestrial references.

Ophiuchus is one of the 88 known constellations and was also one of the 48 listed by Ptolemy. It is a large constellation located around the celestial equator between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, northwest of the center of the Milky Way. The southern part lies between Scorpius to the west and Sagittarius to the east. Of the 13 zodiacal constellations (constellations that contain the Sun during the course of the year), Ophiuchus is the only one not counted as an astrological sign.

In connecting the astrological 'dots', remember all that you've read here about the Eye of the Milky Way Galaxy2012 and the Ouroboros. Ouroboros is an ancient alchemy symbol depicting a snake or dragon [DNA] swallowing its own tail, constantly creating itself and forming a circle. It is the Wheel of Time - The Alchemy Wheel - 12 Around 1 to manifest grid programs that give the illusion of linear time allowing souls to experience emotions.

"The Lost Book of Nostradamus" features dragon images and references.
Cloud Scrying Halloween 2007
Image from

Westerville, Ohio
Dragons, Dagon and other Amphibious Gods

Plate 10

Plate 21

Plate 56

Plate 63

Plate 64

The images in the manuscript make reference to many universal archetypes which include fires, some in real/reel time, others metaphoric. For example, 'fire', the eternal flame of life, often represented by the sun, and found in the water color drawings.

Nostradamus predicted Earth changes resulting in floods and fires.

California Wildfires of October 2007

Email from Monica: "Almost 20 years ago I read a book written by a woman who interpreted the Quatrains of Nostradamus. One prediction stuck in my mind. It stated that California [West] would be on fire and an action type hero would figure prominently in helping to save the day. The author thought it was Tom Cruise who was in his heyday at the time, which sounded very far fetched, but it turns out to be Arnold Swartzenegger, which at one time was equally far fetched."

Arnold Swartzenegger was the time traveling Terminator. 

Vitruvian Man and Leonado (Leo - lion's tail/tale) da Vinci.
"The Lost Book of Nostradamus" often depicts the Lion.

Messages encoded in time for the bloodline

Plate 27
'She' who writes the next script from above - Horns and Cones

The Holy See (Sea of Consciousness)

"The Lost Book of Nostradamus" deals with the fall of church and state.

Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave on the second anniversary of his death?

Vatican TV director says yes -- Daily Mail - October 16, 2007 

Plate 18: The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

DNA Dragon, the Crown, Crescent Moon (Islam)
Does the Antichrist/Trickster come out of the Middle East? 
Do you believe there is an Antichrist? Is that Bin Laden? I don't.
3 Stars, 9 Stars at the end of the tale/tail, spiral counterclockwise

Plate 46: Burning Tower and Possible 9/11 Predictions

Century I - Quatrain 87
Earthshaking fire from the center of the earth
will cause tremors around the New City.
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
then Arethusa will redden a new river.

Allegory Art

Tarot of Marseilles

Tarot - Crystalinks

Nostradamus blogged about the French Revolution of 1789 which takes us to ...

My daughter Nikki's 35th Costume Birthday Party in Westport, CT. 10/20/07

Nikki (works in media) and her husband Ryan (owns a Landrover dealership) 

Nikki played the role of Marie Antoinette the wife of Louis XVI.

Plate 23: The Guillotine

Historiography of the French Revolution 

Plate 4

Many images in the manuscript have to do with games of church and state in an effort to control human consciousness and how the people rise up in the final days, moving from a male dominated consciousness to the feminine. It's all part of a 13,000 year cycle called the Precession of the Equinoxes - moving through the ages.

Plate 35

The 7 Spoke Cycle/Wheel of Time and Karma moves to 8 ... infinity ... as yet unwritten. The wheel of time and karma comes to a halt, the hourglass empty, the tale of the lion complete. The emotional burdens of time will now be released from the back of the man dressed in red (emotions, the physical plane). The peacock goes to ascension through the eye at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the eye. The hand of god, the scribe and the peacock control time.

Inside the wheel we find Nostradamus' New City or NYC - planes attacking. It's where I have always told you the Masonic (Mother Sound) Program would end as events come full circle. The initial insert came out of the Middle East moved to the European continent, then swept across the global game board arriving in the Americas. July 4, 1776 - the Masonic Program officially begins in the United States, the players destined to return to the Middle East for completion. When you're looking at it from somewhere else, it all makes sense and you can see where it is all headed - you can become the Nostradamus of today.

      Century X

      The year 1999, seventh month, (end of the 7th cycle, 9/11)
      From the sky will come a great King of Terror: (airplanes) 
      To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols, (bin Laden)
      Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

      The present time together with the past
      Will be judged by the great Joker:
      The world too late will be tired of him,
      And through the clergy oath-taker disloyal.

      The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
      It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter:
      Not far from the great millennial age,
      When the buried will go out from their tombs. (See Plate 66 below)

      Long awaited he will never return
      In Europe, he will appear in Asia:
      One of the league issued from the great Hermes,
      And he will grow over all the Kings of the East.

      The great Senate will ordain the triumph
      For one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out:
      At the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will be
      Put up for sale their possessions, enemies expelled.

It's show time folks. There's no going back nor way to fix the program. It must complete and evolve and you must heal and trust the final outcome. We are spiritual beings have a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience. The game is a virtual reality construct in linear time to experience emotion that is about to take us full circle/cycle.


Prior to taping "The Lost Book of Nostradamus", I worked with all 80+ images and text, numbers 66-72 reminding me of Ribbons, another familiar archetype for me. The ribbons take the form of a 'title' and link with the film industry. Nostradamus woke me up one morning at 5:11 planting a seed in my mind (consciousness) about their meaning. Dashing to the computer, I was guided to the MGM Trademark (Logo). There I discovered the ribbons and the fact that the MGM logo went from Black and White to Living Color through the decades.

The original lion looked away.

The black and white trademark version 

depicted the lion looking at the camera.
(Center Image: Mask of Tragedy)

1957 to the present

The current lion roars!

Reality is a film strip, projected illusion in the dramas of time.The roaring lion takes me to Crystalinks' Mission Statement ... The lion will roar ..... Was Nostradamus confirming that reality is projected illusion created by the Lion? Will Dande'lions' soon be free? The four symbols for Zoroaster are the Lion, the Flame, the Crown and Wings.

As the best is always saved for last, there are 7 consecutive 'ribbon' images that tell a magical story at the end of the manuscript.

The energies take on a new harmonic as it all begins with Plate 66

The 7th Cycle began in the Age of Leo, approximately 13,000 years ago. We see the 7-spoked wheel of time and karma and 7 rays of the sun. The lion wears a red hat (Earth plane, emotions, Mars the Male warrior whose significance comes into view at the end of the story). We find 3 tombs opposing the star. The Star follows the story and evolves into blue. This star resembles a Star Tetrahedron which takes us to Merkabah the rotation and spin of consciousness in and out of realities as we move our consciousness through the grids of experience.

Plate 67

The ribbon title is now facing forward above an 8 spoked wheel, which goes to the next cycle and a special celestial alignment at the time of 2012. The Lion King, the story teller, the scribe, (Thoth, thought), wearing his crown (chakra) has grown old, his mane long and unruly. On the book we see the lion as the Tree of Life on the left side. Below the old book we see two books on the left side above the Pisces Fishes. 'She' now controls the bow. The story moves to Her in Sagittarius. Does that reflect the year 2012?

It's a funny thing about the text on the right side of the page. When I examined the enlarged black and white images, I made a startling discovery. I cropped the image, rotated the canvas and viola ... There were two words set apart from the others on Plate 67. They are the only two words written in English, and portray a most important message, not about 2012 so much as about consciousness and the creation of the program. I was lead to them by Z. They read: "One Male."

"One Male" symbolizes a consciousness program created by one male.

Plate 68

The title ribbon is in motion, change, the eight spoked wheel aligns. The old Tree of Life is defeated. The sword spins a new tail/tale.

Scorpio (Egypt) and Aries (Age of the Ram), out of the box or the golden rectangle. A golden rectangle is a rectangle whose side lengths are in the golden ratio, approximately 1:1.618. A distinctive feature of this shape is that when a square section is removed, the remainder is another golden rectangle, that is, with the same proportions as the first. Square removal can be repeated infinitely, which leads to an approximation of the golden spiral.

Plate 69

We find the 8 spoked wheel out of the Middle East - the old Masonic Program - that drew the Knights Templar to it, their fate to be cleared at the end of the program - not in physical time as all is white light. Taurus - Egypt - the program coming into balance by the feminine creator, birthing new stories that are balanced. Sagittarius - December 21, 2012. She controls the bow and takes is away from the blind male (negative emotions) who cannot see and must awaken to the truth. Many stone god male figures have no eyes - the pupils need to see the truth - the Iris - Isis ... Is that a 'Z' on her navel?

Her energies take me to Hindu Mother Goddess Kali - destruction and rebirth - linked to blood and bloodlines, and vampirism.

Plate 70

Here we find the 8 spoked wheel at the end of the story. There are 3 crescent moons (Islam) - Masonic Program out of Egypt - Out of Atlantis - Atlantis Rising - the Islamic woman who will soon be free as events come full circle in the place of creation - the Middle East where the Tigris and Euphrates 'rivers' meet (Iraq) and the knowledge about the serpent (DNA) in the Garden of Eden - the Tree of Life - the Apple of Knowledge (a computer program, NYC) - Adam and Eve in duality - come clear and humanity understands its origins. The face of the Islamic woman - she will be set free in the eclipse of time and consciousness - Scorpio is Egypt as is Taurus. Fibonacci Numbers - Golden Proportion - Scorpio completes the circle and the game at the pyramid where it all began in the Age of Leo - the Sphinx. She is the feminine archetype who will now recreate - Isis, Mary, Sophia, Mother, the Phoenix and on and on.

Plate 71

Plate 71 depicts the 7 spoked wheel of karma moving into to 8. We see the story of the Vessel, the Arc, Noah and the Flood Story of Creation (great metaphors). We find a male energy based program, duality, aggression, fear, etc. Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end - the male is separated from the females - the Crone, Mother, and the Maiden seen below will soon turn the story (ribbon) around and recreate a new tale/title as the book of life comes to an end. One final page remains to be played out.

Plate 72

The script is complete - no more pages - no more spokes in the wheel of time because time no longer exists - just the Star. All that remains is a star that follows the story in most of the images. The ribbons are reversed. The stag has moved from earlier images in color to white - higher frequency beyond the physical. The Stag is a well known medieval allegory of Christ. It also represents rejuvenation, rebirth, and the passage of time. The antlers represent the sun's rays. The mother (Mary) and the Crone create the next story, as yet untitled.

Plate 54 [9]

And so we slay dragons in the alchemy of time which takes us to reptilian alien connections, the Sumerian biogenetic program, and on and on in the myth, math, magic, and metaphors of time ...

Ellie and her friend Ron (Dracula) in Westport at Nikki's party

Ellie as Zorro (It has to end with Z)

Three Hours Earlier ... Ellie's Realm in Brooklyn
Does something look off to you?

To Slay a Dragon

Plate 45: [9]

The Head Represents Consciousness - The End of Our DNA Program - Rainbow Dragon (Bridge)
Flower of Life Coming Full Circle - Crescent Moon (Return to the Middle East for completion)
The Sun - Leo The Lion and the Trickster in the Collective Unconsciousness
The Oldest Tree, Upstate NY, Taurus, Egypt, Alpha-Omega, Frond
Sword, Dagger, Dagon and Amphibious Gods

The arrival of the Blue Star Kachina

Computer End Program ...

With my book and screenplay 2012 Sarah and Alexander reaching some of the top people in Hollywood these days, we shall see if the story finds its producer in the alchemy of time. To date, everyone who has read it, loves the script, but it's big budget, so we wait and see.

Sarah and Alexander


Fade to Black ... That's a wrap ... Let's go home Z.



Oz Themes and Nostradamus

OZ - (Zero Point) where the WiZard dwells in the land of myth, magic and metaphors abound. "There's no place like Home".

The Wizard of Oz Book by L. Frank Baum

The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)

The Wizard of Oz Adaptations

Email from Sara after reading The Lost Book of Nostradamus file. Of course her name is Sara as in Sarah.

    Dear Ellie,

    I never imagined my obsession for Oz as a girl would take me on my path (metaphoric yellow brick road) to enlightenment. I looked at the synopsis of your book, "Sarah and Alexander," and can't wait to pick it up now! I've always believed I was Egyptian in a past incarnation, so it should be a definite page-turner for me.

    I randomly came upon Crystalinks while searching for "The Lost Book of Nostradamus". I found your blog referencing, "The Wizard of Oz," extremely fascinating. I have been a lover of all things "Oz" my entire life and have studied and read extensively on the subject, including the full series of books and the movie(s).

    An interesting fact to mention in correlation with your Leo theme, is that the 1939 film is a "Leo" movie, debuting in the sign Leo. The film premiered on August 15, 1939 in Hollywood, California and August 17, 1939 (coincidentally my birth date, just a different year!) in New York City. The Lion in the opening credits was the original MGM lion/pet lovingly named, Leo.

    You also mention the four signs of Zoroaster; Lion, Flame, Crown and Wings. The flame and crown references, are actually left out of the feature film. When Dorothy and her friends initially went to meet the Wizard, he appeared to all of them separately and as different "beings." He appeared to the Tin Man as a gigantic ball of fire.

    A magical golden cap (crown, alchemy) is what the Wicked Witch of the West (emotions, endings) actually used to control the monkeys who she captured and enslaved. After Dorothy defeated the Wicked Witch, by pouring water on her, (collective unconsciousness), she took the Golden Cap and freed the monkeys.

    I'm not sure if the "wing" symbol linked to Zoroaster would represent the wings on the monkeys. There is a final image in the book that has 'Silver Slippers' - changed to ruby (red, emotions) for the film - having a pair of wings to signify their magical power to "fly" the wearer/where (that's wordy!) they wanted.

    Interestingly enough, L. Frank Baum, author of the book, was a theosophist in his later life, but I never thought that it had any direct effect on his writings, especially since, "The Wizard of Oz," was originally written as an allegory for a political movement at the time. And although Baum was deceased for the making of the film, he still left a quiet mark on it; one day on set, the actor Frank Morgan, who played the Wizard, turned out his costume jacket pocket and inside was a tag that said, "Property of L. Frank Baum." Sure enough, through Baum's surviving wife, they confirmed that the jacket, which was bought off the rack by someone from the MGM costume department, was the deceased authors'. Last parallel, though I could go on forever!

    The movie depicted Dorothy's story as 'her' dream. In the book version, the place called "Oz" was real, and the story ended with Dorothy taken back to Kansas to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. In later books, all of them go to live in Oz. Oz is in a parallel dimension according to Baum, and a Utopian society, one like the world we strive to be and hope is coming.

    Another time, Dorothy falls off of a boat and lands in a country called Ev, which is near Oz, another time she is swallowed up by an earthquake in California. These are quite possibly other "hot spots" where black holes would be.

    The Sci-Fi channel has a new mini-series called, The Tin Man, which is a modern-day twist on Oz. They characters travel through dimensions via a black hole/time portal in the center of tornadoes. This makes me reflect on the other times in the book series when characters went from Earth to the Oz dimension.

    I am so thankful I found your site today. Thank you for your wisdom and positive energy.

    Sara Carns

Tin Man (TV miniseries) December 2, 2007 at 9pm

Tin Man (Stargate SG-1)

"One Male" - One Male Interpretation

The number 67=13=4=time=closure.

Thoughts from a reader in connection with the Nostradamus image #67 called "One Male".

    Hello Ellie,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matthew McCall and I am a Mathematician. I saw the History Channel's presentation of "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" the other night, within which you presented yourself very well, if you don't mind me saying so. Anyway, I have been interested in both Nostradamus and Mayan Cosmology for a long time, therefore am very well versed in both.

    When I saw image #67 in particular the 'one male' aspect of it. I made an immediate connection between the words 'one male' and the date of the winter soltice of December 21, 2012. As I said, I am a mathematician and therefore I perceive everything in numerical terms. I believe that which Nostradamus was alluding to within that image is the date of the solstice itself or the end of the age. Allow me to explain:

    If you take the two words ONE MALE & and bring them down into their numerical base as related to the English alphabet which as you are aware is the language in which the words were wriiten you end up with the following: O=15 N=14 E=5 M=13 A=1 L=12 E=5, now if you take these numbers and apply a method to them that was practiced by certain Kabbalistic religious holy men for very many centuries, of which I am sure you are also familiar, you come up with the following: 1 + 5 + 1 + 4+ 5 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 5= 29. Now you break this number down & you come up with 2 + 9= 11.

    Now, let us take the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and apply the same methodology to it - December 21, 2012 or 12/21/2012 this is what you come up with:
    1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2=11

    We are almost done Ellie, just bare with me. The final 'clue' contained within this image is the number itself. Now this part of my theory I can only speculate about, as I am not familiar enough with the 'Lost Book' to know if the numbering of the images was done by the researchers that examined the book for cataloguing purposes, or if they were the original page numbers within the manuscript itself. But if they were the original numbers, then the number of the image itself is an obvious reference to the 13th constellation Ophiuchus, in which the sun will rise at the winter soltice. Also 6+7=13.

    The long and the short of it is that in image 67 contained within the 'Apocalyptical 7 Images', Nostradamus is alluding to the exact date in which the age, and possibly for all intensive purposes, time itself, is going to end.

    Your Fellow Traveller Along The Path of Enlightenment,








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