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Part One of Antartica: A Once and Future Atlantis

This is the chronicle of a journey that is marked by an anomalous geometry that spans the range of exploration within the intermediary roads that radiate as concentric circles akin to the the standing waves arising from a point of impact, which lead back to a wasteland at the end of the world, both literally and figuratively. As some of you know, many aspects of this enigma when taken individually would require a book length analysis, but the aim of this preliminary post is to set the stage by recapping some of the central threads of this subject in terms of a introductory context for Part Two, for those who are new to this series of riddles.

"March 21.- A sullen darkness now hovered above us- but from out the milky depths of the ocean a luminous glare arose, and stole up along the bulwarks of the boat. We were nearly overwhelmed by the white ashy shower which settled upon us and upon the canoe, but melted into the water as it fell. The summit of the cataract was utterly lost in the dimness and the distance. Yet we were evidently approaching it with a hideous velocity. At intervals there were visible in it wide, yawning, but momentary rents, and from out these rents, within which was a chaos of flitting and indistinct images, there came rushing and mighty, but soundless winds, tearing up the enkindled ocean in their course.

March 22.- The darkness had materially increased, relieved only by the glare of the water thrown back from the white curtain before us. Many gigantic and pallidly white birds flew continuously now from beyond the veil, and their scream was the eternal Tekeli-li! as they retreated from our vision. Hereupon Nu-Nu stirred in the bottom of the boat; but upon touching him, we found his spirit departed. And now we rushed into the embraces of the cataract, where a chasm threw itself open to receive us. But there arose in our pathway a shrouded human figure, very far larger in its proportions than any dweller among men. And the hue of the skin of the figure was of the perfect whiteness of the snow. "
-The Narrative of Arthur Gordan Pym of Nantucket E.A Poe

We often fleetingly hear of anomalous objects found in unexpected geological formations that have seemingly preserved an artifact of a memory that has long since vanished in the corpus of a common befuddlement in terms of our own origin stories, in that these anomalies upend the linear notion of time and it's historical causality as recorded by the written word. As we now know, many allegedly primitive cultures have proven what PD Ouspensky predicted, that in terms of our own conceptual models of reality and of empirical measurement, these were advanced civilizations outside of our own terms whether it is the navel stones of ancient surveyors found from Glastonbury to Greece, the astonishing accuracy of the Mayan calendar, the use of predictive, analog computational devices as seen in the Antikythera mechanism, the binary nature of certain stars as described by the Dogon culture, and the increasingly strange accounts of Egyptian correspondences and anomalies in the continental United States.

The parallel history of cultural memory being utterly destroyed by warfare punctuates this bizarre sense of amnesia we seem to possess in terms of our own genealogy, when we find such advances seemingly vanish in plain sight only to be rediscovered and falsely claimed as innovations and\or insights centuries after their legacy was erased. One of the most fascinating global correspondences in architectural history lies in a prosaic artifact, a standardized mechanical fastening device for interlocking and stabilizing large structures made from precision cut stone, shared in exacting detail among civilizations that we critically assume had no means of communication ( read transport) between them.

"And thro' the drifts the snowy clifts
Did send a dismal sheen;
Ne shapes of men ne beasts we ken--
The Ice was all between.

The Ice was here, the Ice was there,
The Ice was all around:
It crack'd and growl'd, and roar'd and howl'd--
Like noises of a swound."
-The Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner

It is difficult to imagine a more alien environment on Earth than the polar desert of Antarctica or a more enigmatic one. In this arid kingdom of ice, unlike any other that has been explored by our species, there are no native people. It's realm is the cartography of the human mind which includes mysterious ancient maps, bizarre magnetic anomalies, a freshwater lake as a anomalous oasis,doomed expeditions, odd, unexplained postwar Nazi activity, a U.S military invasion, strange theories as well as being a evolutionary stand in for Mars, in terms of exobiology. As a if a metaphor could be given the precision of longitude and latitude, this island at the end of the known world, is certainly a strange attractor.

Oddly and obscurely enough, unexpectedly the story of this once and future kingdom begins in 350 BC Greece, who provided it's current name,by using Arktos - The Bear, from the constellation, the Great Bear,as a positioning term, placing this southernmost landmass as "Ant - Arktos" - "opposite the constellation of The Bear".
A further series of recorded references attests to the gravitational field of this most remote island by a series of strange and controversial maps, that seemingly have has surveying done in their arrangement, which is frankly, impossible in the terms of what we can confirm in terms of the record of past climatic conditions, leading all the way back into the last period of glaciation.

Very recent scientific advances have allowed this accurate survey of the same island as seen free of it's deep sheath of ice.

As a portion of the vast strategic preparations for World War Two, the Nazi regime mounted an expedition to survey and lay claim to this island of ice whose territorial name was Neu Schwabenland, whose import later became the similar causation of impetus for a chaotically and hastily arranged strange vast invasion on several fronts by U.S forces in operation High Jump. For a full acount follow this link:

The essential goal of this chaotic and rapid pincer movement of a significant amount of military resources was essentially following in the footsteps of the Nazi strategic survey but perhaps this survey and it's corresponding haste in assembly and execution was prompted by the disclosure of information obtained at the end of the war. As many others know, many documents remain classified even after decades have passed since the conclusion of the war.

Is there a core anomaly, held in the arms of the Antarctic Treaty,which is extraordinary in of itself as an seemingly out of place example of altruism, which is still the object of international study, or is there one yet to be discovered?

Is it this island in of itself or something entirely unanticipated? Or does all of the threads of this magnetic pull leading the nations of the world to explore this remote destination simply infer a deeply buried bone, or has the dog itself been buried?

After the cessation of World War Two, some anomalous events added a mysterious fuel to the mystique of later events. The following chronicle accurately echoes accounts I have read in other sources. This information comes from a website named Violations, that makes for a fascinating read. Follow this link to read more:

"Certainly there are records of continued German naval activity in the area after the war had apparently ended. For example, on 10th July 1945, more than two months after the cessation of known hostilities, the German submarine U-530 surrendered to Argentine authorities. The background to this event is puzzling. It is known that the boat had left Lorient in France on 22nd May 1944 under the captaincy of Otto Wermuth for operations in the Trinidad area, and after successfully rendezvousing with the incoming Japanese submarine I-52, it headed for Trinidad before finally returning to base after 133 days at sea.

The boat’s official record states that between October 1944 and May 1945 it formed part of the 33rd Flotilla and on Germany’s surrender Otto Wermuth’s captaincy and the submarine’s career came to an end. Yet two months later it arrived in Rio de la Plata in Argentina and surrendered to the authorities there on 10th July 1945.

U 977 History also records that the U-boat, U-977, left Kristiansand in Norway on 2nd May 1945 for combat patrol in the English Channel. After Germany’s surrender, Captain Heinz Schäffer decided to head for the South Atlantic but he first gave the married men on board the chance to go ashore; 16 of them took Schäffer up the offer.

After a 66-day submerged trip, and a further run on the surface, U-977 arrived in Mar del Plata, Argentina on 17th August, and later surrendered to the US in Boston on 13th November 1945 three months later. Its activities during this period are unknown.

This incident occurred shortly after the end of the war, however, there continued to be accounts of German activity for a considerable post-war period. The French ‘Agence France Press’ on 25th September 1946 stated "the continuous rumours about German U-boat activity in the region of Tierra del Fuego [‘Feuerland’ in German] between the southernmost tip of Latin America and the continent of Antarctica are based on true happenings."

Then the French newspaper, ‘France Soir’ gave the following account of an encounter with such a German U-boat. "Almost 1 – ½ years after cessation of hostilities in Europe, the Icelandic Whaler ‘Juliana’ was stopped by a large German U-boat. The Juliana was in the Antarctic region around Malvinas Islands [The Falklands] when a German submarine surfaced and raised the German official Flag of Mourning – red with a black edge.

"The submarine commander sent out a boarding party, which approached the Juliana in a rubber dingy, and having boarded the whaler demanded of Capt. Hekla part of his fresh food stocks. The request was made in the definite tone of an order to which resistance would have been unwise.

"The German officer spoke a correct English and paid for his provisions in US dollars, giving the Captain a bonus of $10 for each member of the Juliana crew. Whilst the foodstuffs were being transferred to the submarine, the submarine commander informed Capt. Hekla of the exact location of a large school of whales. Later the Juliana found the school of whales where designated."

Could it be possible that other German U-boats, in addition to U-530 and U-977 were continuing to operate in the area following the war? There are no formal records of such activity, however it is known that 54 German U-boats ‘disappeared’ during the war, of which only 11 are likely to have met their fate at the hands of mines "

If all this were not strange enough activity, aptly inferring a hidden history of activity, then we have the bizarre invasion of the polar desert by the victors, which then becomes entangled in the revisionist and alternative history of man made UFOs. All of this centering on a seemingly insignificant block of ice at the end of the world.

However there is yet another twist in this story as if we have not had enough of the damned. The discovery of fresh water lakes in the midst of the Antarctic which leads back to the odd postwar behavior of the Nazi submarine services.The largest and deepest lake, Algae Lake (Lake Figurnoye) is 25 km long and up to 137 meters deep. The leader of Operation Highjump, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, famously stated that the Bunger Hills was "one of the most remarkable regions on earth. An island suitable for life had been found in a universe of death."
The south polar region holds 90 percent of Earth’s ice and 70 percent of the total fresh water on the planet, so any significant pace of melting there is critical and will contribute a significant and disproportionate amount of increase to an already rising sea.

The current exponentially increasing dissolution of the ice shelves holding back the glacial accumulation of ice upon the geology of Antarctica will undoubtedly have an effect on both the rate of rotation, a potential polar axis shift as well as the gravitational field particularly if the distribution of the resulting sea level change is not evenly distributed. This effect is currently being studied in order to determine the extent of such effects as I type these words. Follow this link to read a brief summary of one os several studies being conducted:

Has this occurred in the past? This portion of the strange many dimensioned anomalies, psychological, mythological, historical and physical will be further explored in Part Two.

This introduction of the background story of our Atlantis of the mind ends until Part Two wherein all the corresponding threads of mythos form the seasons of a cycle of wheels within wheels leading back to Plato. In the interim, perhaps this is a fitting demarcation before the scenario becomes increasingly complex. At this point this prediction seems difficult to imagine as the entangled threads of this account are already seemingly bound with competing narratives forming a alternate universe of history.

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