Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This says it all-A Marketwatch post

Ah lateshuvit you make me feel at home. I'm going to give you all one very very large reason to kick preparations into high gear. My wife is starting to see eye to eye with me on the probabilities of a plethora of nasty scenarios that are unfolding, and that we are slowly but surel narrowing towards. She has been telling me to can it and been giving me "the eye" for at least two years. That she is getting on board, let alone my Dad, should be enough to worry anyone. 

Females by nature are the guardians of the status quo, they generally will guard it vigorously because chaos threatens survival at every level (society, tribe, family, personal). Lion prides are a great example of this, but it's true in almost all species; including ours. Ever heard the saying that if "Momma ain't happy nobody is happy,"? 

Also, we are the leading edge of awareness. These threads, the links, the chatter, are moving faster than the stories themselves... faster or as fast as the spin. That is FAST. Now how long do you think the news, let alone reality, is going to take to filter down to my co worker who doesn't watch the news because she doesn't like it, and if she does its mainstream? 

I sometimes get frustrated annoyed at the ignorance of others. A good 'ole boy friend of mine would drop you dead if you came in his house and stole, but realize that our nation has been compromised and swindled on a scale nearly unimaginable. Well, it's just too big for him. I tell you what though once the average persons life is truly affected, once they realize this equates to someone ripping them off for more than they are worth, once they feel used... it's going to be a societal case of road rage. The offending driver will be the government, banks, people in suits... etc... Our fellow Americans aren't stupid or incapable of anger regarding injustice, they are just ignorant and afraid. That will give way though, soon. 

We here are generally, generally, thinkers with a much higher level of awareness. It is trickling down. Note the Bill Moyer video. Fox picking up Ron Paul and Alex frigg'n Jones. The Atlantic Journal's the Quiet Coup. The Rolling Stone's piece. The truth is moving, perhaps not as fast as some would like, but moving it is. It is plodding inexorably unstoppably towards change. REAL change, not the crooked bought and sold campaign promise kind, but the genuine article. The torpedo is in the water, and is now unescapable. I pray for a better world, a better America; for my baby son's sake. Heaven forbid that he grow up in the world the banksters have planned for us. 

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