Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crop circle accurately predicts solar storms

July 8, 7:26 AM

LASCO image on July 6
SOHO LASCO3 image showing solar flare and CME being emitted

The Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) confirms that on July 6, 2009, a very large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was emitted by the sun. This was followed by what appears to be a smaller CME being emitted by a solar flare on the morning of July 7, and another large CME emitted on July 8. The CMEs are partial confirmation for a coded prediction found in a crop circle discovered in Milk Hill England that evolved inthree stages from June 21 to 30.

The CMEs were captured by the SOHO satellite which is one million miles away from the Earth in the direction of the sun. Located in a stationary equilibrium point between the gravity of the sun and the Earth called a Lagrangian point, SOHO has a number of scientific instruments to monitor the sun’s behavior. The CMEs do not appear to be part of a series headed towards the Earth as initial interpretations of the coded crop circle message suggested. The emergence of the CMEs is, however, a remarkable development since it came right on the July 6/7 lunar eclipse prediction date.

The two SOHO instruments that captured the large CME were LASCO 2 and 3. LASCO stands for Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph. LASCO 2 captures images of the sun’s corona (the area above the sun’s surface) to a distance of 1.5 to 6 solar radii. The radius of the sun is approximately 420,000 miles. LASCO 3 captures images to 3.5 to 30 solar radii. The first image (above) is from LASCO3 and shows the large CME clearly being emitted in the upper right portion of the sun at 17:18 UTC on July 6. The plasma discharge is clearly visible as a circular ball within the protruding solar flare. A LASCO3 movie below shows clearly the size of the solar flare and CME emitted on July 6. Interestingly, a large object (the planet Mercury?) comes into the images which appears to trigger the CME.

The second image (below) is from LASCO 2 and also shows the huge CME being emitted around the same time through a solar flare. For more images of the CME, go to slide show. To see mpeg movies of the first CME on either LASCO 2 or 3 click here and enter July 6 as the date .

Curiously, the online SOHO movie database is missing the LASCO movie for July 6. Is this just an oversight or deliberate effort to playdown the significance of the July 6 CME by preventing easy internet access? Here's the screenshot of the SOHO database showing the missing data for July 6 taken on July 8.

Screen shot of archived SOHO movies on 07/08/09

A second solar flare emitting a smaller CME emerged on the morning of July 7 and was captured by LASCO 2 (see below at 2 O'Clock position). While smaller compared to July 6 solar flare, the July 7 flare shows solar plasma again being ejected in a possible CME. On the left side of the sun, another large solar flare can be seen building up which on July 8 also appeared to discharge a CME. The MPEG movie of July 7 appears below (or click here ) . To see the current mpeg movie of the July 8 CME click here. It will later be archived here - enter July 8 as the date

The emergence of the July 6 & 7 CMEs raises confidence that the Milk Hill crop circle was indeed a coded message of solar storm behavior. The CMEs also partly confirm earlier crop circles in April 2009 that also were coded messages predicting a series of up to five CMEs occurring in relation to the July 6/7 lunar eclipse. The CMEs do not appear to be headed towards the Earth as initially interpreted by crop circle researchers. The CMEs nevertheless are remarkable confirmation that crop circles do have predictive accuracy when it comes to solar behavior. There is no human science or technology presently known to exist which can accurately predict when the sun emits CMEs. This does strengthen the hypothesis that crop circles are designed by an advanced non-human intelligence. More scientific study is needed to understand crop circles and whether extraterrestrial or other forms of advanced intelligence are involved in their creation.

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